Funky Fashion Or Funky Style That Is The Question?

May 12, 2021 1 Comment

Funky Fashion Or Funky Style That Is The Question?
Are You Fast Fashion Or Style
Question Funky Friends Are You Team Fashion or Style? Do you like to keep up with the daily and weekly trends of fashion? Or do you say forget the rule book and wear what the FUNK you want? Nosey folk want to know. Ok, I want to know. After spending years of struggling with my style. I lean more towards personal style vs. fast fashion. Although I love a good day filled with mall shopping . I prefer to shop and buy things at my own pace.

Please keep in mind this question is only my POV. No matter what we choose-fast fashion or slow -style. They are both right and good choices. It’s merely about the person and what they chose. But I do think it’s a good topic amongst friends.
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 I know there is a big difference between fashion and style, to be fair. Style is parlayed by what you like and loves to wear. Perhaps you may not necessarily care a whole lot about fashion. You know, keeping up the hottest trends and what’s new today and gone tomorrow.

But with style, it’s never centered around clothing but more around the things one can find to look stylish. That leads me to believe a woman or man can wear anything they want and still look stylish.

 Fashion has a whole book of rules that so many are willing to go broke buying. 

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To be fashionable is to rub elbows with every new clothing and accessory item that hits the market. It can be daunting trying to do such a thing. Not to mention it is so dull and time-consuming trying to keep up with all the latest styles. Now, don’t get me wrong, fashion trends can be done. Just look at the influencers of the internet, although most of them are given those fashion items. In exchange for flaunting their style before googly gawkers who will drool then drop their credit cards to order the hottest trends.

Although I am babbling about such a person, I must unveil I was once that said person. Until one day, I realized I had a closet full of clothes I did not wear past once or twice. 


And keeping up with the internet, fashion was beginning to become super dull. My Only reason being so many people from the net were wearing the same thing day in and day out. If Norstrom had a sale, then every influencer was wearing every item from that sale. And when fashion became stale to me, I began to question what my style was.


I soon realized I am a woman who loves many things, and I love to look stylish. So, I started playing up and around my style and discovered myself maneuvering my fashion towards a more personal style.

I am not a fashion guru, but does that mean my style is wrong or right. 


You see, style is all about what I like and what makes me feel good. Once I started focusing my attention on looking stylish vs. fashionable, I became happier in the crazy cool things I chose to wear. 


So, I say go ahead and rock what the FUNK you want. And the best part is, our style does not have to make sense to anyone else at all. And I am happy about that. My golly miss molly, I finally got it.

So, I ask again, are you team fashion or team style? No matter your answer, they are right because that means you know your vibe. 


 What are your thoughts? Please chime in the comments below? Team Fashion -Style or Both! 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Funky Bit!


Xo Tangie Bell

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