Funky Grunge Earrings

Black Gothic Lace Pearl Dangle Earrings / Victorian Women Jewelry

$38.99 USD

Who knew wearing Black Gothic earrings could look so victorian and fancy. Now you can say yes to the funkiest gothic dangle earrings that will make your gawker's head turn with envy. Yes, darling, all eyes will be on you all day long.  So strut, flaunt and wear what the FUNK you want!

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These black gothic lace pearl earrings are perfect for a day or a dark night on the town.

 Side Note: You can dress them up or down at any time of the year, not just doing Fall or Halloween. So why not allow your ear candy to make a loud and bold statement? Don't be scared; the name is just for show! Besides, what you wear in the dark is none of my business, :) 

It pairs well with any outfit but can definitely be worn alone! No judgment over here :)


Approximately 5 inches

Stainless Steel


 Please Note: All items are handmade and/or sourced secondhand and may have small age signs. We value selling and making things that look absolutely amazing and will only ship out the very best. Please inspect the pictures before ordering. All Sales Are Final.