Pre-order Ugly Denim Bag Collection

$174.95 USD


You can now pre-order an ugly denim mystery bag. This collection will be updated as slots become available. All bags are handmade one-of-one's. Each bag will be be designed differently. No custom orders because bags are designed with the rags and denim fabrics that are available. All bags will be big, and ready to style.


Please read all the important information before placing your order for an ugly denim mystery bag.

Free Shipping

It takes 5-7 Business Days To Handmake A Bag. Do not count the weekends, no bags are being made on those days.

The bag pictured at the top is for demonstration purposes only. You will not get that bag. (Your bag will be a bonafide super funky mystery.)

All Pre-Order Denim Bag will be handmade uniquely and designed to be fly.

All Sales Are Final