Slapping Dominoes Funky Grunge Stranger Things Denim Reworked Upcycled Puffy Bag

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Slapping Dominoes Funky Grunge Stranger Things Denim Reworked Upcycled Puffy Bag. Welcome our newest and funkiest trashy bag that will stand out from any outfit day or night. This ragbag is for you if you want to be seen, and t's made from 100% denim junk and old dominoes. 

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Ships 5-7 Business Days With Tracking!

Limited Slots


Dominoe numbers are random (no order in sequence)

Denim Jeans

Designed To Appear Ugly Yet Stylish

Black Upcycled Jeans-White Speckles & Dominoes

Unique Opening At Top

Heavy In Weight

Not Intended For Children

Choking Hazzard If Chewed On

No One Has This Bag Because They Are All Made Uniquely Different

Denim Scraps

Not Your Average Bag- It's Performative Art Style 

Each jean bag is made to order just for you. And each bag is uniquely made from secondhand pre-loved denim. Although made precisely like the photo, Some denim depending on size may have dominoes placed in a different direction at the bottom 

All denim jeans have been pre-washed and cleaned before making the handbag. 

The bag is handmade and purposely distressed to show grungy wear and tear signs. 

So, go ahead and add a little funky fun to your style. :)


Please Note: All items are handmade and/or sourced secondhand and may have small age signs. We value selling and making things that look amazing and will only ship out the very best. Please inspect the pictures before ordering. All Sales Are Final.

STOP! Disclaimer:  Funky Grunge Denim Bags Do Not Perform Like A Regular Bag. 
Therefore, we aim for a weird performance style in our art. If you are not into odd-shaped bags that can not fit a computer inside, please, do not order from this section.
 If these bags offend you in any manner, please do not order. Anyone can purchase, but please understand the weirdness and the oddness behind the FGB denim bag theory. Our number one goal is to stand out, be different and embrace our uniqueness in creating denim bags of all styles. Thank you, and Happy Shopping!